Open Thesis Topics

For open thesis topics, see our SPCL website (available only in the ETH network).

Active Theses

  1. Transparent Serverless Programming
    Raul-Ronald Galea
    Master Thesis 2022

Finished Theses


  1. Process-as-a-Service computing on modern serverless platforms.
    Gyorgy Rethy
    Master Thesis 2022
  2. Serverless workflows benchmarking.
    Laurin Brandner
    Master Thesis 2022
  3. Serverless C++ Executor.
    Lukas Möller
    Bachelor Thesis 2022
  4. Profiling and optimizations of serverless functions.
    Malte Wächter
    Bachelor Thesis 2022


  1. Serverless memory deduplication.
    Qiu Wei
    Master Thesis 2021
  2. Serverless GPU functions.
    Lukas Tobler
    Master Thesis 2021
  3. Verification of representativeness of benchmarking suite.
    Arnet Colin
    Bachelor Thesis 2021
  4. Serverless collectives.
    Roman Böhringer
    Master Thesis 2021
  5. FaaStest collectives: reliable communication in serverless world
    Emir İşman
    Bachelor Thesis 2021
  6. Offloading serverless with sPIN.
    Konrad Handrick
    Bachelor Thesis 2021
  7. TaintImpact: Taint-Based Change Impact Analysis.
    Tobias Lüscher
    Bachelor Thesis 2021
  8. Code-driven Language Development: Framework for Analysis of C/C++ Open-Source Projects
    Siegfried Hartogs
    Bachelor Thesis 2021
  9. CppBuild: Large-Scale, Automatic Build System for Open Source C++ Repositories
    Lukas Gygi
    Bachelor Thesis 2021


  1. Control Flow Taint Analysis for Performance Modeling in LLVM
    Nicolas Wicki
    Bachelor Thesis 2020


  1. Towards Extreme-Scale Cache Coherence Protocols and Simulations
    Philipp J. Bomatter
    Bachelor Thesis 2019